Thank you, Body!

Yesterday i jogged 1.16 miles.

The first time I’ve been able to do that since a disc ruptured in my spine, July 21, 2012.¬†


You CAN HEAL your disc herniation without surgery or steroids!

Hey Listen up!

I’m here because I got better, and while I was struggling, and for so long (a little over a year), I spent a lot of time looking for hope online. I was reaching for anyone that had had a similar experience, or who had suffered something horrible, and overcame it.

My L5/S1 was herniated 9mm and of course the nucleus pulposus had squeezed out, resulting in my body crying immunological tears and experiencing a lot of pain. I could not walk for a solid month. Eventually, I could limp down the block – and people would ask me, “What did you do to your foot?”

True, I went the natural route. That means that I didn’t use more than Motrin and Naproxen sodium (Aleve) to get through this (in terms of drugs)- and I wasn’t on these pain meds for months either, just primarily the first month. After the 3 months, the body takes another leap of wellness, so don’t overdo anything here. That’s a mistake that I made, I believe now, looking back.

I changed my diet, made sure I was getting lots of helpful nutrients, started supplements, ate a diet to support lowering inflammation, and learned the physical therapy and yoga positions that would most support me. I listened to my body (sometimes, even while it screamed at me, I listened). Eventually, I got the message that I needed to really, really follow what my body was ready for me to do. I also learned to become more scientific in my observations, and recording what I did do, so I wouldn’t attempt to do too much more beyond it (with memories of my pre-injury self). I found that I had to hold myself back a lot, but not too much or else I wouldn’t get better for lack of any exercise, stretch, or perfectly calculated movement.

To deal with the pain and help get to the root of it, I got acupuncture and a unique form of chiropractic care that involves gentle touch. I plan to write more about it and more, so stay tuned.

Just know that it’s possible! It’s possible to live life again, and to live it fully.